Sunday, November 4, 2007

As promised

Moon Rise over a man-made lake at a military installation in Baghdad.
The crescent moon is on the bottom of the moon....which until I came to Iraq was new to me.  Count-down is clicking.....
Thanks for stoping by for a visit! :)


J. said...

Thanks for your service and all you're doing. By the way, you might be interested in the Wounded Warriors Project. It's a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for U.S. troops severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. It really puts a face on the cost of this conflict. Here's a link:


Elphaba said...

Will you keep this blog? I sure hope so its so nice to be able to chat or see what your up to and for you to see ours as well. And if not will you make up a new one for us?

Svend said...

Looks fairly similiar to what I'm seeing over here ... only the moon is more at the 5 oclock than 6 oclock position. with Venus immediately above it in the early am hours looks much like the crescent/star falgs in your neck of the woods.

Can't wait to hear news of your return stateside ... and the move to Pcola. Hope the Socal fires didn't imapct family too much.