Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally Home!!

Well folks, this is my last post for this blog. I thank you for following me during my travels and Iraq experiences. My trip home was much longer than when I came home during during R&R. I got home after midnight on the 20th.

For Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am home safe with my family and I was able to share a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family. Unfortunately many of my brothers in arms are still in Iraq fighting the good fight. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Tomorrow it's back to work in a Navy uniform on a Navy ship. I would take leave, but we are planning a Hawaiian Vacation in March, so I need to save my leave.

Thanks again for everything!

Picture: Poster that my youngest drew & colored of my three girls for my welcome home (L: C [youngest daughter]; C: K [wife]; R: J [oldest daughter])


Svend said...

Welcome home and well done!
Enjoy time with your family.

Ken said...

Welcome home, Crisco! We're all better with you back.

Darren said...

Hey Rob - welcome home! It seems like only last week you were heading out there. How fast a year goes by...

Will give you a call soon to catch up.

Casa de Tomas said...

Welcome home little broham! Now sign Pat and I up for your next Hawaiian family cruise!

Pat said...

neat site Rob.I will continue to visit here...Pat...aka..BIG VITO