Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bird, Bats & Boats...

1: An Iraqi bird I see every time I run around the Lake.
2: Bat house on Camp Victory.
3: Boats in a boat house on Al Faw Lake.
My time continues to count down.....until my next post!
Happy Birthday C!!  I love you K, J & C...see you soon!


Svend said...

Very nice bat house ... insect control?

swimming /c sharks said...

hey little bro when are to do to come home?? i ve been reading your bloggs and have been enjoying them , ive tryed to blogg you before and youve not replied back.. so , i thought id ask you agian when you are coming home? let me know ok PS>> i do love you ..

ea6bflyr said...

Bat House: Vector Control

Swimming: I've sent you an email